Friday, November 17, 2006

If I Killed My Wife and Her Friend . . .

I don't think I would write a book about it ten years after I was acquitted of the crime with the aide of a team of scumbag lawyers. I know, I know, his lawyers generally did good work but took this case to fund their careers so they could help the needy. Bullshit! They helped a guilty man get acquitted of murdering the mother of his children.

Now that Simpson doesn't have enough money to fund his lavish lifestyle, he has hooked-up with another team of scumbags: News Corporation and their slimy subsidiary Harper Collins, run by that paragon of American journalism and defender of the weak, Judith Regan.

Of course, once the heat came on Regan and she learned that she would not be treated as a hero for this work, but would be treated as the pariah she is, she has turned on her murderous client and claimed that her concerns all along were the memory of the victims.

Bull-fucking-shit, Judith Regan! You are lower than low. You work for an organization like Harper Collins and you think we are supposed to think you have integrity? You are worse than O.J.! At least his was a crime of passion, yours is a crime of pure avarice at the expense of a dead woman and her family. And then you feign victimization as an excuse for your avarice?
"The men who lied and cheated and beat me — they were all there in the room," she said. "And the people who denied it, they were there, too. And though it might sound a little strange, Nicole and Ron were in my heart. And for them I wanted him to confess his sins, do penance, and to amend his life. Amen."

Regan Turns On O.J., ABC News

You did this for cash money, you ugly bitch, You did this for fame, attention, career development and money. How dare you besmirch the victimization of so many battered and murdered women by pretending that you did this to avenge a peperpetrator. You needed closure from the abusive men in your life? When we need closure, we do not do it at the expense of others! That is not closure, you lying sack of shit! You are perpetrating a fucked-up Fox-based culture and you pretend you care about people? You piece of shit!

Women who are abused, and often murdered, by their husbands, boyfriends, brothers or fathers need to be protected. Your glorification of our culture's most famous perp is a sin that far outweighs that of any who ever laid their hand on you. And, I don't think you were ever battered, I think you're a lying bitch who is trying to squirm out of the spotlight of shit you have earned!

My God! Judith Regan is more despicable than O.J.!


Anonymous said...

Judith Regan, shame on you. If you really felt this way, why didnt you say that all your proceeds would go to a domestic violence charity.

Hmmmmm so the truth is, it was greed and publicity, sick sick you are sick!

shame - boycott anything judith regan including harpers ect.

and check out

judith - you are now as bad as OJ - enjoy your enternity in hell together.

Anonymous said...

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