Monday, April 24, 2006

USA Ranked #4 . . . and this is AMAZINGLY GOOD NEWS!

"We're Number One!" might be the most American of chants. It is quaint now, when once it was so accurate.

From 1935 to 1980, America was number one in the technology, medicine, education, military, culture, societal contracts, business development, charity, foreign relations, and so much more. The entire world, including our enemies, envied us. And for good reason: we were successful, smart, and generous.

Then came the Reagan reaction followed by a string of conservative presidencies and a disastrous new American agenda. An agenda that has seen us fall from being the world's leading power to a marginally regional power.

Sadly, it is not true anymore that we're number one. Our children are stupid, our government is as dishonest as the most brutal dictatorships, our military is an embarrassment even though it is the most expensive, we lag in technological and medical developments, we are uncharitable and when we attempt to be charitable we attach strings to our donations that force underprivileged, under-developed nations to forfeit their sovereignty, even our allies hate us, we lag behind in everything we used to lead.

Oddly, in one area of our culture, we have leaped and bounded from a negligible position to being ranked the fourth best of 205 national soccer teams! That's right! We may be fifth in education, health care, medicine, technology, military, charity, foreign relations and sensibility; but we are FOURTH in soccer!

See the list at FIFA.

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