Friday, April 14, 2006

Lest There Be Any Confusion . . .

As a sovereign nation, Iran (just like the United States) has the right to develop nuclear technology including nuclear weapons.

I know that the current administration cares nothing for the sovereignty of foreign states, but that does not preclude Iran's right to sovereignty, nor does it preclude Iran's right to develop technology.

It is scary to think of Iran possessing nuclear technology. It is frightening to think of any theocracy possessing weapons of mass destruction (the United States included). What we need to do to alleviate that fear is to negotiate with every nation openly and sincerely.

Our continued isolation of Iran and reference to it as a rogue state (especially since the United States has been more rogue-ish than any nation in recent history) only deepens the rift between us.

Peace must be waged throughout the world. It serves no purpose to return to the failed Cold War policies of the past.


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