Monday, April 17, 2006

I loved this email at work!

As the writer of the below message clealy understands, a sense of humor makes for a happy workplace!
I just wanted to inform you that the tree designated for what is now known as the "new" area has been returned to it's rightful place where I expect it will remain going forward. It appears that removing the tree from its place and locating it in an "unofficial" area, played havoc with the watering schedule which caused a big scuttlebutt with all those concerned.

Watering staff were thrown off their schedule and were concerned that they would be blamed for the disappearance. Security personnel grumbled that they have better things to do than look for a missing tree. And, last but not least, all tree lovers were greatly concerned about the suffering that the tree might endure without its regularly scheduled watering sessions.

I sincerely hope that this mishap will not be repeated ever again. And of course, this goes for all plants in the area.


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