Monday, January 02, 2006

Tom Cruise Voted Most Irritating

Empire Magazine readers voted Tom Cruise the most irritating person of 2005. I can't even think of a runner-up. In fact, Cruise might be the most irritating celebrity of my lifetime by far surpassing Greg Allman, Joni Mitchell, Ann Coulter, Peter Max, Paul McCartney, Ace of Base, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Sir Alex Ferguson, Pope John Paul II, Kia, Tony Blair, Alice Cooper, Freedom Fries, Major League Baseball, Sly Stone, David Spade, and Iman. And that's saying something!

In the past, when repressed (or closeted) homosexuals have erred, they right their wrongs by simply coming-out and being honest with everyone. I have a soft-spot for honesty (I have little patience for the truth, but that's a different article) and I find it easy to forgive an irritating person when they are honest.

Tom Cruise can do nothing to save his reputation. Let's hope that powers in Hollywood will lose his number. Can you imagine the future with no Tom Cruise films? Can you imagine Hollywood with no represseed homosexual Scientologists?

On another note, the readers of Empire Magazine also voted Cruise the greatest actor of all time. The English are so diplomatic!

Tom Cruise Voted Most Irritating Star Of All Time
British Magazine Surveyed 10,000 Movie Fans

LONDON -- Maybe it was jumping on Oprah's couch.

Or perhaps it was his testy interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show, or his constant expressions of love for his fiancee, Katie Holmes.

Maybe it was all of those things combined that prompted British movie fans to name Tom Cruise the most irritating actor in Hollywood.

Cruise was found to be more annoying than Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey.

Britain's Empire magazine surveyed 10,000 movie fans.

But while Cruise may annoy them off camera, they still like his movies. They named him the greatest movie star of all time.

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