Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strike Update

Today's earlier post was published before the Transport Workers Union announced they were striking the MTA.

Mayor Bloomberg, ass that he is, has stuck his nose (again) into negotiations in which he plays no role. He's as bad as Hillary Clinton who showed that she is anti-worker by refusing to support the Union.

Elected officials are cloaking themselves in draconian law that prohibits municipal workers from striking.

Bloomberg actually spoke of the Union creating chaos.

The most dramatic chaos in America is the republican plan to gut and eliminate all employee benefits. Leaving working families with insufficient health care, no retirement, and the inability to afford the comforts that America's middle class had come to expect.

Bloomberg, Pataki and Clinton continue to endorse an economic plan that means less for workers and more for billionaires.

I applaud the TWU for this job action and hope their simple, affordable demands are met.

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