Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Contacting Your Elected Officials

I call and write my elected officials on a regular basis. It is my opportunity to let my opinions be known. My representatives have told me they appreciate calls and letters, because it lets them know the positions of their constituents.

Recently (OK, yesterday), I decided to go off on a member of the United States House of Representatives from the Second District of Ohio and the Junior Senator from the State of New York.

Rep. Jean Schmidt is the congresswoman who stood on the floor of the House and called Rep. Jack Murtha a coward. I wrote about Murtha recently.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton sent me an email letter criticizing the current Administration's position on the War in Iraq. I was offended by her missive because she has supported and continues to support the phoney war on terrorism and the Bush War in Iraq. She has voted with the Neo-Cons on every important vote and has done nothing for her constituency.

I decided to share these letters with you and I hope they make you chuckle as much as I chuckled while writing them!

This to Rep. Schmidt:
Re: Bravo!

Dear Representative Schmidt:

It is encouraging to know that there are women in America willing to stand behind the President and take the lead in defending the greatness of America, our military, our war against terrorism, and our sincere desire to spread democracy throughout the developing world.

It is truly impressive that you would speak from the floor of the House and tell the truth about Jack Murtha: anyone who served his country in the military for 37 years and then has the audacity to speak-out against our President's War in Iraq must indeed be a coward.

It takes guts for you to hold fast to the party line and deliver strong words against the cowardice of America-hating liberals like Murtha and the other Democrats trying to destroy our God-given mission to make America safe for free-enterprise and profit, irrespective of its impact on our liberty.

Liberty is for liberals. If more women were true patriots like you, we wouldn't need to protect our liberties so rigidly. Liberty is for thinking people, and God knows that no true patriot is a free-thinker or would use their skills as a sentient being to draw any conclusion that conflicts with the movement now taking such dramatic hold of America.

America needs more women like Jean Schmidt. Women who will stand up and call a veteran a coward. A woman who will toe the party-line. A woman who uses her brain for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement. You are a true American woman in the mold God intend all women to be.

Thank you for your spine. It is doing a grand job holding-up your head!

Best regards,
(Dick Mac)

This to Sen. Clinton:
November 29, 2005

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
United States Senate
476 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Clinton:

I have been a supporter of you and your husband for many years.

Your continued support for the immoral war in Iraq proves to me that you are unfit for any service to America that includes protecting our safety.

Your short-sightedness makes it painfully clear that you are in no position to criticize the current American President. You are cut from the same cloth and your further involvement in our government will be a detriment to every American of every political stripe.

Unlike you, I do not expect the President to take responsibility for his decisions. I also think that if you were in that office, you would take the same self-serving, self-aggrandizing position that the current American president has taken.

You talk about your alleged "outrage" with the Administration. Oddly, I only hear that you do not support withdrawal of the troops at this time. I am more outraged at your positions than the Administration's position. You are supposed to be a forward-thinking liberal. You could not be further from that. You are barely a Democrat! You are an embarrassment to thinking people everywhere!

The bullet-points you proffer in this correspondence is so much pablam that you can't actually believe that New York Democrats believe this!

And this: "Criticism of this Administration's policies should not in any way be confused with softness against terrorists, inadequate support for democracy or lack of patriotism." Softness against terrorists? Islamic terrorism is supported by Saudi Arabia, its royal family, and many wealthy Saudis with whom you and your husband do private business! You have no intention of going after the terrorists at any level. You are happy to make millions through these sheiks and you will break bread with people like the Bushes and the Kissingers and the Saudi royal family and spoon feed lies about your position on terrorism to your constituents.

On top of that, you have done NOTHING for the non-corporate citizens of New York since becoming the junior senator. NOTHING!

Your refusal to use your spine for something besides holding up your head is deeply disheartening to me.

Being a patriot, a liberal and a Democrat, I could never in good conscience support you for election to any public office in the United States.

Please retire to the board of directors of some military contractor or corporate farming concern, where you can reach your true goals more quickly. Just stop destroying what is left of our once-great nation!

(Dick Mac)
Boy, oh boy, it was fun to write those letters! Sure, they may not make much sense; but, it's fun to rip into rich people!

Contact your elected officials. Give them a piece of your mind! (Most of us have plenty to spare!)

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