Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dick Cheney's Evil Knows No Limits

The November 18, 2005 entry of John Nichols' "The Online Beat" blog at The Nation discusses the reprehensible behavior of Dick Cheney and his henchmen attacking the heroism, patriotism and honor of Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha.

Since their own are turning on them, the White House is pulling no punches in smearing the reputation of everyone who speaks-out against them.

These guys make Richard Nixon look like a patriotic defender of civil liberties and constitutional values.

Now, I am no fan of Rep. Murtha, or any other hawk who supports war just for the sake of supporting war. Whether it's an ass like George Bush or an ass like Hillary Clinton, I think those who are continuing to defend the ill-concieved, idiotic and murderous war in Iraq should be removed from office immediately.

That said, it is a sin that the president's men would smear the reputation of a decorated war hero who is speaking-out against bad policy.
Cheney Picks a Fight With a Marine

When Dick Cheney, a Wyoming congressman who had never served in the military and who had failed during his political career to gain much respect from those who wore the uniform he had worked so hard to avoid putting on during the Vietnam War, was selected in 1989 by former President George Herbert Walker Bush to serve as Secretary of Defense, he had a credibility problem. Lacking in the experience and the connections required to effectively take charge of the Pentagon in turbulent times, he turned to a House colleague, Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha, a decorated combat veteran whose hawkish stances on military matters had made him a favorite of the armed services. "I'm going to need a lot of help," Cheney told Murtha. "I don't know a blankety-blank thing about defense."

Murtha, a retired Marine colonel who earned a chest full of medals during the Vietnam fight and who has often broken with fellow Democrats to back U.S. military interventions abroad -- most notably in Latin America, where Murtha often supported former President Ronald Reagan's controversial policies regarding El Salvador and Nicaragua in the 1980s -- gave that assistance. . . . Read more at The Nation

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