Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gasoline Prices

Four bucks a gallon in New York! But, that's not so bad. Look at this gas station in Georgia:

A gas station in Stockbridge, Ga., posts prices for gasoline from $5.87 to $6.07 per gallon Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005. (AP Photo/Gene Blythe)

It's a good thing we're spending a billion dollars a day to conquer an oil-producing nation! Look how well it's working out!

See the original story at Yahoo!

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Mark Rabinowitz said...

Not to mention that in the UK, gasoline has just passed 90p/litre, which works out to $6.25/gallon. Imagine charging that here all over the US, not just in price-gouging locations!!

We still have some of the cheapest gas on earth.

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