Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Simon & Garfunkel: Which Was The Stupid One?

I have never been a fan of Simon & Garfunkel. Their brand of painfully mellow, but beautifully written, pop songs is soporific. They are dull (and there is no greater sin than dullness).

When they split, I found Paul Simon's solo pop music to be insipid and unlistenable. I know little to nothing about Garfunkel's post-duo music and/or career.

One made a gazillion more dollars, the other seems to be living quite well on payments for work past.

Nothing about their musical careers point to stupidity.

But, then I find this news story:
Garfunkel busted for marijuana again at Woodstock.

Though I do not personally smoke marijuana, I do not oppose others smoking it, and I think laws banning the distribution and possession of marijuana are draconian. If I am allowed to drink vodka, I should be allowed to smoke marijuana. I think it's bizarre that marijuana possession is a crime. I also think it is stupid to drive a car when you are stoned or drunk.

Art Garfunkel was stopped by the police for driving through a stop-sign. When Garfunkel rolled down the window, the smell of marijuana smoke wafted from the car and a joint sat in the ashtray.

This idiot was driving around, smoking a joint, blowing stop-signs! So he was arrested. And this is the second time in a year! He's friggin' 63 years old! Though I think he should be allowed to smoke marijuana, only a stupid person consumes drugs or booze while actually driving their car.

So, my vote for which of the duo is the stupid one goes to Art Garfunkel, a 63-year-old man who thinks it's OK to smoke marijuana while driving a car.


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