Friday, August 26, 2005

Jobless Rate At All-Time Low

One of my favorite tricks of the Republicans is the way they have redefined statistics to prove that Reaganomics is working.

The newest information about the jobless rate at an all-time low fails to inform that they now count part-time jobs and jobs providing no benefits as countable jobs. Prior to de-regulation of the American marketplace and the creation of socialism for the super-rich, only full-time jobs with benefits were counted in keeping these statistics. I think the old method is a more accurate reflection of the state of our economy.

The jobless rate is not at an all-time low! The employment situation in the United States is worse than it's ever been! People working full-time jobs are getting no benefits: no health care, no vacation, nothing! People are working forty-plus hours a week and living in poverty.

Each time these statistics are released, you are being told a lie almost as big as the biggest lie.

The Onion offers amusing information about the big lie that might be more accurate than the government's statistics about employment: "U.S. Blowjobless Rate At All-Time High"!

Article at The Onion

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