Monday, August 29, 2005

Finally! A Real Use for the SuperDome!

The Saints lost to the Ravens 21-6 on Friday. Has any team ever been less deserving of a home with the word "Super" in its name than the Saints? The New Orleans SuperDome has been the home of the Saints since it opened.

With Hurricane Katrina beating down on New Orleans, officials opened the SuperDome to the City's poor who needed to get out of their homes in the lowest-lying regions of this city that lies below sea-level.

Eight thousand citizens are safe and dry with access to toilets. Officals do not have the air-conditioning running.

The openeing of the Dome to provide some actual use to the city is a wise plan, because these 8,000 citizens would likely be washed downriver without the protection.

Go Saints!

An article about the opening of the Dome to locals in need of shelter.

New Orleans Live Cams.

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