Friday, July 15, 2005

Farewell, My Captain!

While living in London, I became a supporter of Arsenal Football Club. The league is a winter league, and June and July are reserved for following news of player transfers and retirements.

During this off-season, I have been focused on the news story that Shaun Wright-Phillips may (or may not) leave Manchester City for the wealthy environs of Chelski Football Club, in London.

I knew, but have been in denial, that Robert Pires could leave Arsenal; but I figure he will play one last year then depart for France. I don't blame him. Arsenal will give over-30 player one-year contracts and that's it -- no exceptions. Pires can probably get three to 5 years from Lyon and should jump at the chance. I will miss him if he leaves.

Last year, Real Madrid made noises about signing Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira; but no progress was ever made, and Viera had another fantastic year at Highbury. As captain of the team since 2002, and a real team player since his signing in 1996, Viera has been one of the best players in the league.

On Thursday, it was announced that Juventus, champions of Italian Series A, have made an offer of nearly fourteen million pounds to Arsenal for Vieira's services (that's just shy of $25,000,000) and the brain trust at Highbury has accepted.

My team is losing its captain.

This is not good.

Read "Arsenal accept Juve's Vieira bid" at the BBC Football site.

Farewell, my captain!
Good luck!
I hope they are kind to you in Turin.

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Liz said...

Vieira was poor last season, he improved towards the end but I think 20 million euros for a 29 year old who was out of form represents a good bit of business. Wenger is a very shrewd man and he knows what he's doing. Maybe Arsenal can buy SWP now!

Liz xx

Jacobite said...
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Jacobite said...
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DM said...

Hey Liz: Have you ever noticed how truly dull the spinelss can really be?