Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Wrong Wing is Making a Final Thrust to Kill PBS & NPR

People for the American Way has issued a call to arms to all those who remember when America was great, not just powerful.

Between the 1930s and the 1980s, America became the greatest nation in the world. We fed the hungry and clothed the naked and housed the homeless and taught the illiterate. We promoted dialog and creativity and dignity. Everyone was given a voice at all times. We were a great nation.

After the Reagan Reaction, the wrong-wing, cloaking themselves in the flag and the christus, convinced the stupies that it was against there best interest to protect workers, promote free-thought, educate children, and help the needy. That what the stupies really needed was unlimited credit, deregulated industry, and to pay more taxes (just declare bankruptcy, when it's convenient, because the liberals will always pay the way of the stupid). The stupies bought it all, so they pay more taxes for less services. They get less for more and don't even realize it (well, they're stupid)!

That is all fine: stupies deserve this.

Thinking people, however, do not deserve this; but, the current American president and the corporate fundamentalists who back him want to keep more tax dollars for themselves by eliminating all funding for public broadcasting.

This is very sad. America has been well-served by public broadcasting. It's demise is a sin, because it is being destroyed by avarice. Stupies won't get a tax break when public broadcasting vanishes, but the rich will get more tax dollars given to subsidize their affluent lives.

PBS and NPR changed the world and put America on the map, competing with the other great societies of Western civilization, by becoming houses of intellectual insight and thoughtful analysis. The stupies never got it (well, they are stupid), and they have always resented Sesame Street and All Things Considered, because those shows promote open-mindedness and acceptance -- even of stupid people.

We must try to save public broadcasting. Please take action by contacting your elected officials in Washington, or simply going to the PFAW site.

Click here to go to the People For The American Way website and send a message to your elected officials begging them to save public broadcasting.

Who needs Elmo and Big Bird when you can get KKKarl Rove and Stupie Bush for a few billion more?

Let's turn the stupies back to their pew and leave journalism to those who actually use their God-given brains.

Save PBS and NPR.

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