Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Child Star Tragedies and the Rape of a Justice System

When Buffy was found in the gutter, her body ravaged by more drugs than the coroner had ever seen in one person's body, I heard my first lesson about the tragedy of child stars. How many of them lead miserable adult lives because they hadn't time to mature and learn to live life.

This doesn't happen to all child stars, of course, but it happens a lot.

Michael Jackson has been a scary adult. His elective disfigurement and his whispery voice and his near-infintile behavior are really unpleasant. Though he has done enormous good for many, many children, he has always creeped me out.

When the Boston Sex Scandal hit the press in the late 1970s, I learned my first lessons about trial by media. The D.A. needed a re-election campaign boost and he arrested a bunch of men, many homosexuals, some teachers, all with some connection to kids. He issued press release after press conference after press release and his efforts to convict these men (most of whom were strangers to one another)as a sex-ring failed.

Whenever a prosecutor calls a piece of scum in the media to leak details of a case, I know the prosecutor has no case; and I know that member of the media is a piece of scum.

Yesterday, a jury of his peers, acquitted Michael Jackson of ten counts related to abuse of a child. This is a victory for the American justice system.

I hope that you will consider the actions of the scum at CourtTV who enabled this case by leaking every tidbit the prosecutor handed them in hopes of furthering their own careers. These people are an embarrassment to American journalism and an impediment to jurisprudence.

If you have CourtTV on your cable box, please consider blocking it and letting your satellite or cable-provider know you do not want that crap beamed into your house.

More often than not, American justice will prevail when the wheels are allowed to turn without grease and pressure from opportunists attempting to hijack our Constitution for their own profit.

Congratulations Michael Jackson!

(And shame on you CourtTV!)

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sl103 said...
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sl103 said...
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sl103 said...
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sl103 said...

The funny part about this is Michael spends millions producing his music videos, and then pays his household staff minimum wages.

I just hope Michael never sues a
multi-millionaire landlord
or he'll get the wrath of
Dick Mac on his head.

sl103 said...

Anyway if Michael's so cheap with his household staff (pays them all of $7 dollars an hour),
it's no skin off my nose.

I just thought mister PC would be Ranting and Raving about it.