Thursday, May 12, 2005

Confucius Say: "Play Powerball Lotto"

This is my new favorite lottery story.

I am always ghoulishly attracted to news stories about people winning hundreds of millions of dollars, then watching their lives go right down the toilet. I am not pleased by these stories, and I derive no pleasure from them, but I am morbidly fascinated and I want every detail of familial betrayal and spousal abuse and financial and spiritual bankruptcy.

Avarice, as much as Pride, drives American culture to a degree that a simple lottery can provide entertainment and lessons in spiritual growth.

This story, however, includes no multi-millionaires, no divorces, trysts, or arrests, no drama.

You know those dreadful fortune cookies you get at the end of your meal in middle- to low-end Chinese restaurants? They sometimes include proverbs attributed to Confucius, or witty sayings in pidgin-English, or sage advice. The flip side often offers Your Lucky Numbers.

In the past, sadly, I have left a luncheon and played the numbers at the local lotto machine.

The March 30, 2005, Powerball drawing should have statistically netted about 20 winners; but 110 winners claimed $100,000 prized.

Lottery officials were baffled and orders were sent-out to question the winners when they appeared to collect their booty. Oddly, an incredible number of the winners said the played the numbers from the back of their fortune cookies!

The prescient cookies were manufactured by Wonton Food, in Queens, New York. Sales manager Derrick Wong said none of 110 workers at the Queens factory that produced the winning cookie had the luck to bet in the lottery.

I want more messages from God to appear in fortune cookies! How about a fortune cookie in the shape of La Pieta or the Virgin?

Have a nice day!

Fortune cookies lucky for 110 lottery winners

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