Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yesterday's Spam List

I seem to be getting more and more spam everyday. How about you?

IBM has developed FairUCE (Fair use of Unsolicited Commercial Email) which is a spam filter that stops spam by verifying sender identity instead of filtering content. My understanding is that FairUCE will actually return the spam to the originating server! How's that for just desserts?

I get a lot of Spam and here is a list of spam I received in a 12-hour period yesterday: (Did you get any of these?) (Did you send any of these?)

  1. Auto Deals The Lowest Car Prices Instantly!
  2. Win the Prize You could be the next $10,000 winner
  3. WeDeliverCellular Color Screen Cell Phone & Accessories at No Cost
  4. Online University FREE Info on the Top Online Universities
  5. Extended Warranty Provider Extend your auto warranty, free quote
  6. LendBridge Dick, Get Info On NY Refinance Rates
  7. Your Loan Success Dick, Advantageous Time To Refinance
  8. MarketSurveys.com Soup Survey--Chance to get Groceries for a Year!
  9. Business Careers Get your business degree online
  10. Earn More Wanted: Customer Service Agents dickmac
  11. Find Your Match No More Guessing. Find Someone Truly Compatible
  12. Consumer Credit Solutions Request a free credit report consultation
  13. Consumer Promotions $100 Restaurant Gift Card is yours to keep pending participation
  14. Special Promotions Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Giveaway
  15. Educational Direct You can Cut Federal Student Loan payments up to 58%
  16. Coffee Opinion Who has Better Coffee, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
  17. Fast Funds Wizard Over 20 Payday Lenders - One Simple Application
  18. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, 1 Minute Form For New Loan Information
  19. Meet Someone Singles Waiting To Meet Now
  20. Incentive Promotions Participate Now & Receive a $100 Restaurant Gift Card
  21. USA Lending Network Dick, Chance To Reduce Your Mortgage Rate
  22. Hydroderm Get rid of wrinkles with no injections, free trial
  23. Quick Cash Advance Get A $500 Cash Advance
  24. Jonas Farmer Penis enlargement pills
  25. Kentucky Grrrlllzzz XXX p o r n
  26. LendBridge Dick, Good Time To Refinance
  27. Coffee Club The Real Deal: Taste the Gevalia Experience
  28. Miracleburn Your fat burning miracle is here
  29. Your Loan Success Dick, Chance To Lower Your Mortgage Rate
  30. Christian Dating Lesbo movies
  31. eTerm Get a free life insurance quote from Eterm.
  32. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, Astounding National Refinance Rate Information
  33. You Can Be Rich! $10,000 in 30 days! the fast way to ebay success
  34. Smileys Add expressions to your emails
  35. 3hiuyfh Southern belle & dad
  36. smileyguyz Want HDTV or a Digital Video Recorder - Join Dish Network!
  37. Satellite offer All you need and a lifetime subscription to Sirius Satellite!
  38. Refinance Doctor Dick, New Refinance Information Available In NY
  39. eForeclosurePrevention Legally and Safely Prevent Foreclosure
  40. Tail Wagging Offers News Letter Don't consolidate your debt--Eliminate It!
  41. eForeclosurePrevention Don’t Let the American Dream Slip Away
  42. Vanessa J. Smith Office software - duty-free prices
  43. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, Mind-Blowing National Loan Rate Information
  44. Limited Time Only We need your feed back, get a Free set of Titleist 690 CB Irons!
  45. Temple Lovett Re: VlAGARA Va11ium CiALlS
  46. Freedom Quote Dick, Incredible National Loan Rate Information
  47. IQ -- IQ Test IQ -- How Smart Are you?
  48. Cure My Snoring Finally get a good nights sleep
  49. Loveaccess Meet Amazing Singles in Your City
  50. This Blue Pill Will Change your life tomorrow dickmac
  51. LendBridge Dick, Staggering National Loan Rate Info
  52. Approval Department NEED FUNDS NOW? Get a 1000USD Cash Advance today
  53. Digital Camera Get a Free 6.3 MegaPixel Canon Rebel Camera!
  54. Digital Camera Get a Free 6.3 MegaPixel Canon Rebel Camera!
  55. Freedom Quote Dick, NY New Refinance Information Available
  56. Work From Home Get financial power and freedom from where you live
  57. Play Knack Click & Collect Comp Inside from VT Online
  58. Christian Cash Assistance Need up to 1500 USD today. Christian cash assistance is here
  59. USA Lending Network Dick, New Refinancing Information Available In New York
  60. VIP Advantage VISA No credit check, bank account, or security deposit required*
  61. Pay Advance Do you need a quick loan?
  62. OrderCashNow Overdue bills? Get an OVERNIGHT Advance of up to 1500 USD
  63. Refinance Doctor Dick, Good Time To Refinance
  64. Your Loan Success Dick, Astounding National Refinance Rate Information
  65. My Online Payday NEED FUNDS NOW? Get a 5OO PayDay advance today
  66. Secret Shopper Conduct a confidential review of a store in your area
  67. Football Tickets Need tickets to the football game?
  68. Your Loan Success Dick, New Refinancing Information Available
  69. info@ aventuradayspa.com Mail Delivery (failure dickmac)
  70. MyDishNow Holiday Special: $20 Amazon Gift Cert & Digital Video Recorder
  71. USA Lending Network Dick, National Mortgage Rate Information
  72. Free BBQ Get a Barbeque at no cost
  73. Glitter Friend Still the Best! $250 from Vegas Palms!
  74. CarLoanProvider , get the car you want! It's simple and it only takes a minute!
  75. FileErrorFixesSG Windows File Error Notification
  76. Tail Wagging Offers News Letter Invest In your future.
  77. Angeline Sinclair Yummy teenage lesbians caught on video!
  78. Angeline Sinclair Yummy teenage lesbians caught on video!
  79. Students Wanted $10,000 Scholarship Sweepstakes!
  80. hav@msn.com Re: Request
  81. USA Lending Network Dick, Astounding National Mortgage Rate Info
  82. Consumer Research Need a Laptop? Get a Sony Vaio Laptop Free!
  83. Unlimited Downloads Enjoy downloading Free Unlimited Music, Movies, Games, Software & More
  84. WishWireless The coolest cell phone on the planet!
  85. Pay Advance Get a Cash Loan Today
  86. LendBridge Dick, New York Locale New Refinance Information Available
  87. CelebrityMaleModels.com Updates CelebrityMaleModels.com Updates Mailing List Confirmation
  88. My Computer Club Get a computer. Your credit history doesn't matter
  89. Poetry Contest Free Poetry Contest- Enter Now. Win $10,000
  90. Freedom Quote Dick, Staggering National Loan Rate Info
  91. Education Provider Earn a degree in just 12 months!
  92. Computer Promotion Desktop Computer is pending shipping authorization: confirmation needed
  93. GolfDeRoos This secret built a small empire
  94. Automatic Builder Stop living check to check - Start Earning Right Away
  95. Christian Dating DICK Meet serious Christian Singles just like you
  96. texaslift.com You have been approved for a Platinum Card! Find out more
  97. Romance Pros DICK Tired of online dating? Meet someone real!
  98. Screensavers DICK Get 5,000 Free Screensavers
  99. Free PC Get an Apple Laptop free!
  100. TV Upgrade DICK Want a bigger TV? Get a Free Samsung 42 inch TV
  101. Hot Computer Deal DICK Enjoy a new Mac Mini Computer Free!
  102. Christian Dating DICK Meet Real Christian Singles
  103. Thirty Plus Singles DICK Over 30? Want to meet someone? We have the answer.
  104. Smileys FREE smiley faces for your email
  105. sibbie abedi meet amazing singles in your city
  106. Four Seasons Enjoy 12 Bottles of the World's Finest Wines
  107. allyce feynman It’s stylish, it’s compact and it’s on us
  108. consumer information source inspire yourself
  109. vilhelmina marcelia your new washer-dryer is on us
  110. Cars Brand New Site: CheapCarSearch.com
  111. Golden Palace New Players receive a 200 dollar credit
  112. Mother's Day Personalized jewelry box for Mother's Day
  113. Online Autoloan 60-Second Auto Loan
  114. Sampling Get Instant Cash for Sampling Everyday Items
  115. Linh Orts women eager to get laid
  116. Lending Gateway Dick, Get Info On New York Area Refinance Rates
  117. Auto Lenders How you can get the car of your dreams
  118. LegalNotice Bextra has been discontinued - please read for important details
  119. Limited Time FREE Trial Find Your Soulmate -- FREE Trial!
  120. Smart Investors don't miss out on Real Estate profits
  121. P Guzman Corporation Receive 3.6%
  122. R Dyer Inc. Confirm your rate
  123. Home Loan Officer Lower House Payments the Christian Way
  124. Auto Loan Experts 60 second Auto Loan App.? All Credit Types Accepted.
  125. Van Hardy is it funny?
  126. Thad Kelsey cheap oem software shipping worldwide. householder coupon
  127. Accept Credit Cards Process Credit Cards for Zero Up Front Cost
  128. Auto Lenders How you can get the car of your dreams
  129. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, Mind-Blowing National Mortgage Rate Info
  130. GEDating@SGM Great Expectations Dating Service
  131. Vista-Print Color business cards for just the cost of shipping dickmac
  132. Caf.Looney@ netzero.net Account # 323524TI
  133. D Kemp Inc. Confirm your rate
  134. Margarito Looney Mr. Bland has $403,033 for you and your family
  135. Mel Spaulding [none]
  136. Flora Sanchez I Love These Girls rLBueD
  137. Lucky Lottery Congratulations!!
  138. Josefina K. Wills Tadalafil Soft Tabs - Great results!
  139. Calanthia Darden last notice
  140. Opal Dwight 65% off for All New Software. galloper swears
  141. joel durfee Is the highexpenditure on tablets a burden for you?
  142. Overnight Advance Get Up to 500 by Tomorrow
  143. Freedom Quote Dick, New York Locale New Loan Information Available
  144. CopyEverything Copy DVD Movies to CD-R discs
  145. Credit Builder Card Rebuild your credit today; fast and easy!
  146. Twin aces casino 10 USD to try our games
  147. CarboBurn Like Atkins and Weight Watchers at the same time
  148. Panel Feedback Participate in our Retail Store Review Program
  149. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, Get Info On New York Area Refinance Rates
  150. messhead@hotmail.com Re: Sample
  151. hottreasure@ leisurefox.com Triple your Money on up to $50 at Platinum Play
  152. Espresso Maker Special Promotion - Get a $1000 Coffee and Espresso Maker
  153. New car 2004 new cars have arrived
  154. Insurance Save up to 75% on Term Life Insurance from top rated
  156. Amie Coffman Save hundreds every month on low rates
  157. consecrate Lynch Naughty married babes want to meet tonight
  158. Ink Savings Printer Ink - No shipping cost - All printer models
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  161. GPS Personal Navigator Giveaway Want A Personal Navigator (GPS)?
  162. PSP Gaming System Participate in Our Promotion and Receive a Complimentary PSP
  163. USA Lending Network Dick, New Refinance Information Available
  164. Credit Card Machines Free CreditCard Processing Solutions
  165. Satellite Radio Package Find out how Sirius Satellite Radio could be yours free Dick
  166. Professional Mixer Promotion Professional Mixer is yours to keep - participation required
  167. LendBridge Dick, New York Vicinity New Refinance Information Available
  168. MicroCam Hidden Wireless Spy MicroCam The Size Of a Quarter
  169. Account Resources Don't Wait Til Payday
  170. GREEN TEA 300 Dr. Perricone Discusses Green Tea with Oprah
  171. Gourmet Coffee Selections Get a Stainless Steel Thermos for joining
  172. Daniel Huddleston Amaryl -used to treat diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) scissors
  173. Use Our Money You find the property, we'll pay for it
  174. revmgt@ finance.lacity.org Mail Delivery (failure)
  175. IRS Advisor Wipe Out Past Due Taxes
  176. DreamTeam Eliminate or Reduce Interest Rates
  177. Same Day Delivery When it's got to get there fast...same day delivery is the only way to go.
  178. Language Learning Even you can learn a new language dickmac
  179. Payday Advance Overnight Cash Advance up to 500
  180. toolseat.com Local Positions Available - We'll Train You
  181. Advance Your Career DICK Earn your Health Care Degree Online
  182. Golf Pro DICK Attention Golfers: Get a Free Taylormade r7 Driver!
  183. Approval Department DICK Need 1000.00USD in your account tomorrow? 30sec App
  184. CarLoanProvider Get an Auto Loan in just 1 minute!
  185. LendBridge Dick, 1 Minute Form For New Refinancing Information
  186. We Deliver Cellular Color Screen Cell Phone & Accessories at No Costk
  187. Trade In Value How much is your car worth on trade-in?k
  188. RealEstate.com RealEstate.com Helps Mortgage and Realty Customers
  189. natinfo@ universia.net.mx WINNING NOTIFICATION!!!
  190. Cosmo It's not too late to get younger looking skin
  191. Shopping Mania DICK Take a shopping spree on us
  192. Cool e-Deals Test products and get a Sony Vaio Laptop
  193. Educational Direct Student Loan Department
  194. Christian Mortgage USA Check out these low Refinance Rates
  195. action_mailer Pope John Paul II Exclusive
  196. The Free Connection Grab a new iPod Photo – it’s on us.
  197. Attn Coffee Lovers Finally experience real coffee pleasure
  198. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, NY New Loan Information Available
  199. Grocery Gift Card Participate Now & Receive a $250 Grocery Gift Card
  200. Lowest Loan Rates You can get cash overnight
  201. Best Rates Refinance with the right lending partner - SmartMortgageUSA
  202. Consumer Credit Solutions Complimentary credit report consultation
  203. Watch the Wealth Video Complimentary Video Seminar- Create Wealth
  204. Mortgage Rate Network Dick, Staggering National Mortgage Rate Info
  205. My Online Payday Get an OVERNIGHT Advance of up to 5OO Bucks
  206. RobertFactor What These People are willing to do for Money - Find out Here
  207. Financial Solutions Tired of Financial Rejection?
  208. IronAvalanche Don't miss out on your chance to get a grant
  209. Free Membership Enjoy a new Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone Free!
  210. LapRunner Loans Dick, We Can Help You - All Credit Welcome
  211. IronAvalanche Claim your 42'' Plasma TV today!
  212. AccuQuote@Life Save 70% on Life Insurance!
  213. Net Detective Find out the truth about anyone
  214. Consumer Gifts Claim your Complimentary $1000 Coffee and Espresso Maker
  215. MyFunCards DICK Send an eCard to a friend right now!
  216. Music Brand New Mp3 Site!

Call me a complainer if you will, but I think spam is getting out-of-hand! I am glad developers continue to try to beat it.

Here's a discussion of FairUCE

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