Monday, April 25, 2005

Dear Clint Dempsey

I became your fan the very first time I watched you play on television and always look forward to seeing you play live. Congratulations on winning Rookie of the Year in 2004! You are an immensely talented athlete and I want you to become an international soccer star.

I know that playing sports is very intense and that emotions easily run high. It is the mark of a true professional when those emotions are expressed in an intense, but respectful, manner.

Herein lies a problem.

When you are called for a foul, you are entirely disrespectful to the officials. I understand that you might disagree with them, but they are the officials and in your disagreement you should treat them with the respect due all officials in every area of life.

Yes, ignoring authority figures is a very hip and trendy direction in which American culture is heading; but, it is a bad trend. All officials of all stripes deserve respect, even when we disagree with them.

Clint Dempsey

I have a daughter. I want to teach her respect and sportsmanship. I want her to look-up to men like you. I want her to admire and respect American soccer players who are battling not only international competition, but domestic indifference and disdain. I need American soccer players to be models of respect and success, not models of bad behavior.

I like your play and I want to respect you. Please consider the ramifications of the way you treat match officials.

Good luck this season.

Best regards,
Dick Mac

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Anonymous said...

Bro, Clint's a real G. You need to back up. Every player gets pissed at the refs. It's part of the game. Deuce is a bit hardcore, sure, but that's part of the reason he's so G. He's a maestro on the pitch and he's got guts and balls. don't hate

Dick Mac said...

Clint Dempsey is an excellent player whom I want to admire. However, he lashes out at officials regularly -- more often than you imply.

This behavior will not be tolerated in England and I hope he matures.

His churlish behavior denies him the respect his skills command.