Friday, March 11, 2005

I've been thrown out of better places!

Frederick Henry, The Roman Catholic Bishop of Calgary, says that Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin should be excommunicated from the Church because he supports the constitutionality of gay marriage.

I guess business must be good for the Roman Catholic Church in Canada if they can start kicking-out people. I mean, when business is good, you can refuse admission to anyone. Last I'd heard, from my own parish priest, attendance is still declining in Catholic churches across the USA and Canada.

A popular political tactic of self-serving bishops in North America is to frighten parishioners away from using their God-given brains. By refusing Communion to elected officials, the church delivers the not-so-subtle and inappropriate message that anyone in the parish who holds a political position different from Church party-line, might also be expelled from the Communion. If a parishioner uses his brain and comes to a conclusion that differs from the Church, he is unwelcome. The Church calls the shots, and no amount of sense (common or otherwise) may come between the parishioner and his enslavement to Rome.

Bishop Henry, of Calgary, Alberta, is a man who delivers a most unChristian message.

I am a Catholic and I enjoy being part of the Communion. I will continue being part of the Communion and nobody will stop me, no matter my position on gay marriage or any other political issue of the day!

So there!

Bishop Calls for PM's Excommunication

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