Monday, March 14, 2005

The Drugs I Need

The Consumers Union, publishers of Consumers Reports, commissioned the creation of an animated film about the costs and advertising of prescription drugs. It's hilarious!

JibJab usually publishes only their own creations, but they have published "The Drugs I Need" for your enjoyment.

The health care crisis and prescription drug strangle-hold on the United States public is a modern day embarrassment. No nation that considers itself civilized should hamper delivery of health care the way the United States does. The elderly and the infirm and the able-bodied, children and the handicapped and the healthy, the unemployed, underemployed and the employed, all deserve access to the world's finest health care.

Why don't we have it?

I work for a company that does over a billion dollars worth of business, and whose principals are some of the highest earning professionals in their industry. Last year, they reduced our health care benefits to the absolute worst available.

Why does the wealthiest nation in the world provide some of the worst health care on the planet?

I know nobody really cares, I just thought I'd ask! Now, go have some fun and watch the cartoon:

See "The Drugs I Need" at jibjab.


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