Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Bacon Very Important That Bacon Be Available At Every Meal And During Day"

I love bacon!

Everyone loves bacon!

I've even heard about a vegetarian who claims that bacon is a spice and adds it to her meals at whim.

I like it in peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Sometimes I like to just cook-up a pound of bacon for a snack, nibble on it, then keep the leftover in the fridge to be added to everything I cook through the week.

My fave? Bacon and Egg Salad! Make egg salad as you would for any sandwich, then add a quarter pound of chopped bacon. Yummmmmm! I should publish that recipe some day.

I hate the band Metallica.

First of all, I don't like the genre of music they play, and there are so many others who do it better. Secondly, I was shocked that they took the record industry side against their fans in the music-download wars.

I can't imagine suing my fans for obtaining my art in any manner! It's just absurd! Most artists, including some of the biggest acts in the world, are happy you listen to their songs. Not Metallica, though! If you aren't willing to pay twenty bucks for their crap CD, then you shouldn't hear their crap music.

Go figure!

Any band or musician that participated in the anti-Napster campaign is a bad artist.

Those of you who know me are aware that I have never participated in online file sharing. I think it is stealing and I think it is wrong. Bands like Metallica are helping sway me towards a different position, though. I have no sympathy for scum like Lars Ulrich and the industry for which he has become an apologist and activist. Smart artists, bands, and executives know that MP3-sharing enhances sales.

I do think that friends should trade songs amongst themselves, without fear of prosecution. Some of the bands I have grown to love, and whose CDs I purchase, are bands that I first heard because someone burned me a copy of their CD, or sent me a few MP3s of their music. This is a good thing!

Metallica wouldn't think so, though, and I'm sure they would want me investigated if they thought for one moment that I possessed one of their crap tunes as an MP3. Rest assured: I don't!

In December, 2004, The Las Vegas Mercury published: SUNDAY, DEC. 5: If you're like most Americans, you probably stay up nights wondering how Metallica can continue to rock the nation in the face of file-sharing dorm larva gnawing away at the band's soul like baggy-jeaned termites. Worry no more! A study released Sunday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project revealed that two-thirds of artists surveyed said online file-sharing didn't bug them all that much. Phew. Now, Metallica, please, release your hard-rocking grip on the lapels of the Internet and we'll Secret-Santa you four personal trainers, two life coaches and a spa day in Sausalito.

The Pew organization is a pretty reputable outfit. Their surveys are usually well organized and well thought-out. They have found that two-thirds of artists disagree with Metallica's position! No surprise, because Metallica are a bunch of asses!

I have never been much impressed by Metallica fans, either! Like the two guys who raped the 12-year-old girls they met in a Metallica chat room, or the guy who thought the song "Ronnie" was about him and decided to kill his mother and an 11-year-old boy. There is more, there are others! Dullards, all of them!

So, what is the connection between something as wonderful as bacon and something as crap as Metallica?

Well, the title of this article, "Bacon Very Important That Bacon Be Available At Every Meal And During Day," is a direct quote from a legal rider the band Metallica attaches to their contracts. Make note of the grammar, please, because I think it is truly indicative of Metallica's skill set and staff.

The website smokinggun.com has a collection of contract riders outlining the requirements that bands and artists put forth while touring. Things like food they want and furniture they require and security they expect. It was there that I found this page from Metallica (click the image to see the entire smokinggun.com story):

Notice that the word bacon is used four times on one page, and it is specified that bacon must be available not just during every meal, but "during day" as well! Bacon is to be made available for the entire time Metallica and their crew are in a facility!

So, when you are backstage at a Metallica show during set-up or sound-check or the actual performance, they must have plates of bacon strategically placed for your comfort and enjoyment, or is the bacon just for the band? This isn't clear really. Do Metallica love bacon so much that they want everyone to have plenty of bacon, or are they keeping all the bacon for themselves?

You have to assume that bacon is featured everywhere backstage at a Metallica show.

I am morbidly fascinated by this and want to hear from someone who has been backstage at a Metallica show. We need to know the truth about Metallica's bacon consumption!

Maybe you can find more info thant I did with this Google search.

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