Monday, December 27, 2004

What Is Truth?

I have often said that I have had enough of truth. Truth is so subjective as to render it useless. Honesty is much more important than truth. Honesty to oneself is most important.

I recently learned about a website that promotes itself this way: "We are the voice of the troops, a non-partisan group created to help them share stories of life on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are also working to help veterans get the support they need." The site is Operation Truth and it is fascinating.

The ugly truths about the current American regime and their dishonesty is always cloaked in phoney patriotism and hollow promises of successful militarism. They eliminate services for veterans and land on aircraft carriers at Thanksgiving offering fake turkeys to children about to sacrifice their lives, and they avoid discussions about fossil fuels and energy prices. They plan to sacrifice an entire generation of American boys and girls (well, not rich boys and girls) so they can guarantee the control of oil is tipped, not in America's favor, but in their own personal favor.

They have engaged us in a war based on lies and for which we were ill-prepared. They have created more danger in the world while ignoring the actual danger in the world.

George Bush, his regime, and all true believers are dangerous, bad, evil unChristian people who must be stopped before they eliminate what is left of America after their first four years of disaster.

The men and women who run the Operation Truth website are focused on one part of this regimes failures: the military. They are exposing the fact that Halliburton contractors earn $120,000 for the same job we expect from enlisted men earning $20,000. It is vulgar and inappropriate and is thievery of our Treasury.

Operation Truth is exposing the private contractors who live in luxury, drive armor-plated vehicles and use taxpayers' body armor while our troops in battle face grave danger without the use of the materials for which we have paid.

Don't even get me started about the food we are forcing our enlisted men and women to eat.

Operation Truth needs support. Visit their site and drop a few bucks.

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