Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ground Zero

The current regime in Washington has used the crimes committed at the World Trade Center to profit handsomely, dismantle the Bill of Rights, and create more give-aways of our tax dollars to corporate America.

While consistently lying through his teeth, the current American president has said he would provide funding to rebuild the World Trade Center (he has not), and would provide funding so that New York could meet the new fascist security requirements implemented by the Department of Homeland We're A Bunch Of Asses, er Security Department (but most of that money has gone to Florida, Texas and Montana).

The current American president constantly invokes the horrific memory of two jets slamming into the World Trade Center while trying to justify his stupid war in Iraq and hide his utter failure to even attempt to find his old friend Osama binLaden. He capitalizes on this heinous crime but has no intention of allowing one extra penny of American tax dollars to help rectify the situation.

The latest gift to New York from the current American regime is the refusal of the EPA to monitor the demolition of the Deutsche Bank building that was destroyed, but did not fall down, on September 11, 2001.

That's right! We have a building sitting at Ground Zero that is going to fall if it is not dismantled. It was built in an era when the use of asbestos and other toxic materials was commonplace. It is a building in which gazillions of dollars were generated in the process of making America the most powerful nation on Earth. It is a building that will cost a lot of money to dismantle and it needs to be monitored carefully. The EPA, though, can't be bothered monitoring the process.

This is what America can expect from a regime who lowers taxes for billionaires, starts an unnecessary war funded and fought by working people, dismantles the Bill of Rights, and guts what few governmental agencies have been helping humanity.

If you defend this regime, you're an ass!

UPI is selling an article about this issue.

Congressman Jerry Nadler has been trying to get things done.

The Sierra Club has some amazing pictures of Ground Zero.

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