Thursday, December 02, 2004

Let's Talk Scum!

Tom Ridge is leaving the Department of Homeland Security. Now he's a piece of human scum if ever any existed!

Listen to his lies. One favorite lies of right, er wrong-wingers is: I want to be close to my family. Remember the Roger Clemens (a wrong-winger if ever there was one) tearful plea to the media when he was leaving Boston so he could be closer to his family? He signed with Toronto! Gee, I guess that's closer to Katy, Texas!

Wrong-wingers constantly cloak themselves in God and Family and Patriotism when they make pronouncements; but, the truth is they are just after as much money as they can get their scummy little paws on.

Ridge is part of the Nu-Amerikan Morality Skuad that passes judgment on the lives of those they don't like, accuses patriots of being unpatriotic, and cloaks themselves in the flag while profiteering in the most vulgar manner.

If Ridge is such a moral, upstanding patriot, he should work to pass ethics laws that say he and every former government official would be legally barred from profiting in any way, shape, or form by working with or for, or sitting on the Board of, any company that receives contracts from or is connected in any way to the Department Of Homeland We're A Bunch Of Asses, I mean Homeland Security.

Sadly, Ridge will move forward into corporate America and secure contracts for those least deserving of them and he and his family will profit handsomely.

Ridge is scum and should be treated as such.

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