Monday, December 13, 2004

Bruce Springsteen Works To Boost Local Economy

Since the conservative economic plan seems to be to drive small business into the ground while subsidizing huge corporate takeovers, it is now the job of every patriotic American (that is, LIBERALS) to help save the stupid right-, er wrong-wingers from economic devastation courtesy of their fundamentalist leaders.

In this vein, Bruce Springsteen is offering sets of tickets and a personal meet-up to ten lucky contest winners. How do you enter the contest? Well, you don't have to send six bucks a month to a content-free website, nor do you have to subscribe to a fascist ticketing process. All you have to do is shop in Asbury Park, NJ!

That's right! People who make purchases in Asbury Park shops between now and the end of business on December 18, can enter the contest. Then ten lucky winners will receive a pair of tickets and a meet-and-greet for Springsteen's December 19, show at Harry's Roadhouse.

Kudos to Springsteen for putting his money where his mouth is!

More thinking people (that is, LIBERALS) should take this kind of action to help save what is left of the economy so devastated by two terms of Reagan and a third Bush term. If it wasn't for the Clinton terms in the middle, we would probably already be in the throes of a Greater Depression.

Let's get to work people! Let's restore American freedom and patriotism, and save what is left of our economic security! Shop in Asbury Park!

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Asbury Park Business Guild

Bruce Springsteen

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