Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine

A lounge act is a lounge act, right?!?!?! WRONG! Especially when the lounge act has an actual message to deliver!

Richard Cheese will not perform again until Bush is removed from office. The last show was in Las Vegas on September 5, 2004, and he is not kidding about this. Dick and the boys are doing in-store appearances, radio shows, and the like; but no more concerts until the current American president is removed from office.

So, if the immoral, unwinnable war in Iraq that is seeing Humans (including our own citizens) killed at an alarming rate is not enough to vote against Bush, then maybe this is.

If the fact that the current American president has tanked our economy with policies so wacky that Richard Nixon must be rolling in his grave, then please vote against the incumbent so we can see Dick and the boys perform again.

If the fact that the current American president is a religious fanatic to rival any Ayatollah (and sees himself as the leader of a crusade) is not enough to scare you, then vote him out just for Dick and the boys!

Visit and check out their stuff. I am particularly fascinated by the Huge Dick Sale! You can even see & hear the band perform!

Thanks to KMSV for sending this along!

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