Thursday, October 21, 2004

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You're An Asshole

Now here's some wonderful name-calling.

I say it's about time the liberals started fighting back! Conservatives have been name-calling for decades -- it's their best weapon! Since the Anita Bryant Campaign of Homophobia in 1977 the American right-wing has been smearing every intellectual and progressive movement that strives to make the world a better place. And they always use name-calling!

It is not liberals who have been name-calling since the mid-1970s. It wasn't liberals name-calling between 1947 and 1958, either. It was the right-wingers. It is their favorite method of scaring Americans into voting for them. Name-calling. It's always the right-wingers.

Now right-wingers and their apologists are all shocked and appalled that liberals dare to use any name-calling at all. I say: 'let's give 'em a taste of their own medicine!'

Now that the shitty conservatives have run America into the ground, turned capitalism into socialism-for-the-rich and free-enterprise-for-the-middle-class, have turned the Constitution into so much inconvenience, and have started a war at whose altar we can sacrifice a generation of working people, it's time to call an ass an ass.

The current American president is an obsessive religious zealot -- an ass, the Governor of California is a Nazi-loving sex-crazed ass, the vice-president is a hypocritical ass who flip-flops on social and finance issues as it suits him and his family, the attorney general is a lying sack of shit who would rather imprison dissenters than admit there are multiple opinions -- he's an ass, and the media outlets who lie to protect these asses are owned by asses who have stripped the American people of the honor and pleasure of leading the world.

These scum asses have left our great nation in a shambles. They want to return us to an unenlightened time where leaders proclaim that they lead by Divine Intervention, that in their prayers God tells them what to do! Then they strip every working man of his hard-earned pay to grant tax cuts to billionaires.

You know why this sounds like a description of the Dark Ages? Because this is what the church did in the early part of the second millennium: they scared the shit out of the citizenry and taxed them to near-starvation. They imprisoned and tortured people and discredited the greatest minds of their time. And this is what the American right-wing does today!

I call people like this a bunch of assholes, and it has been put to music by some very smart people.

You're An Asshole


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