Thursday, August 12, 2004

Vietnam Vets Attempt To Smear Kerry

I wanted to ignore this one, but I must speak up.

In an ad campaign funded by GOP donor Bob Perry, a group of Vietnam veterans calling themselves Swift Boat Veterans for Truth claim that John Kerry lied about his actions during battle in order to secure medals and discharge.

Their claims are, of course, outright lies.

The former soldiers interviewed in the commercial were not on Kerry's boat in the Mekong Delta when his acts of bravery included killing an enemy soldier who was aiming a rocket at his boat, and saving the life of Lt. Jim Rassman by turning his boat around and rescuing him from the water while under heavy fire.

Bob Perry is a bad man who builds pricey homes and makes huge profits he then uses to fund republicans who keep the skids greased for his Houston-based business practices. Hmmm, I wonder if he knows George W Bush?

He is a man with a lot of money who has found a bunch of idiots willing to lie to further their own lots in life. The men who are lying about Kerry for their own profit are: Al French, Bob Elder, George Elliott, Louis Letson, Van O'Dell, Jack Chenoweth, Admiral Hoffman, Adrian Lonsdale, Larry Thurlow, Grant Hibbard, Shelton White, Joe Ponder, and Bob Hildreth. These men are scum. Remember their names and speak poorly of them in conversation. Pick one and send him a letter asking what kind of person he really is!

How much has Perry paid these guys for this? Has he simply donated a case of bourbon to their tax-exempt social club disguised as a veterans organization so they can drink themselves blind and not have to look in the mirror?

John Kerry was a war hero in the most unpopular war our nation was ever involved in. I am not a fan of war heroes. I am not a fan of war. Kerry's war-mongering isn't why I am voting for him. Still, I think it's disgraceful that scum like Perry who finances scum like George Bush should belittle Kerry's heroism and integrity.

None of these men were on Kerry's boat when he rescued Jim Rassman. Jim Rassman is a lifelong republican who states that Perry's shills are "people without decency"! God bless you, Mr. Rassman! Thank you for speaking-out against this lying pack of scum!

The scoop at

FactCheck's info on Rassman

If you want to watch the smear advertisement, it is here.

PS: If you visit the swiftvets site, please note that the "Back to Ad" link on the "Read The Script" page links to Hurricane Electric Internet Services. I wonder what they have to do with all this? Maybe we should each send them an email asking why swiftvets has a link to them!

Hurricane Electric
760 Mission Court
Fremont, CA 94539
Phone: 510 580-4100

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