Thursday, July 22, 2004

bin Laden Bumper Sticker

Well, the wrong-wing is wrong again!

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a GOP office in that bastion of fascism known as Kentucky is displaying a bumper sticker that reads "Kerry is bin Laden's Man. Bush is Mine."

Are idiot Southern fundamentalists so stupid that they do not know when their statements are the exact opposite of reality?

Bush, and his entire family, and all his friends, are directly connected to Osama bin Laden, his family, their businesses and friends. Next to Henry Kissinger there is nobody in America more connected to the bin Ladens than the Bushes!

This is a simple fact that so directly contradicts this idiotic bumper sticker, it almost seems a waste of keystrokes to refute the philosophical inaccuracies. But, let's spend just a moment doing so!

Did John Kerry allow Saudi jets to fly out of America on September 13, 2001, filled with bin Ladens and other Saudi royalty? No, that was George W. Bush, a long-time friend of the bin Laden family.

Osama bin Laden is one of the elder children of the bin Laden family. His generation of bin Ladens is rather large, there are about forty-odd of them. Osama has taken a slightly different career-track than most of his siblings, but I don't think his scores of siblings, nor his many parents are particularly angry at him for his choices. I mean, they remain one of the wealthiest, most powerful families on the planet, and have retained all their ties with American businesses, charities, institutions of higher learning and government officials, irrespective of the fact that he is responsible for continued attacks on the free world. Nothing this bad boy has done has really prevented them from doing business with George Bush, his family and their friends.

What kind of parents raise children like Osama? What kind of parents raise children like George?

Osama seems to have a dream to unite Muslims against the rest of the world. An impossible task, since most of the Asian and Arab world, including nations that are specifically Muslim, like Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, want nothing to do with terrorism, world anarchy, or religious hegemony outside of their own country.

Organizing all of these different cultures and governments against the West should be an impossibility.

But not for George W. Bush!! In four short years, Bush, his family and their friends have convinced all of the Arab and Asian world to turn their backs on America and if not support, then certainly fail to denounce, Osama and his band of terrorists.

Only one man has ever given Osama what he wants, and that man is George W Bush.

So, when you hear wrong-wingers and fundamentalists say that liberals are the friends of terrorists, just let them know that it is their belovedly fucked-up president and his buddies who have so perfectly empowered Osama; and it is the House of Bush, not the Kerry or Heinz or Edwards or Clinton or Kennedy families that have done decades of business with Osama's family. It is Bush and the likes of Henry Kissinger that have protected, enriched and emboldened Osama, not democrats and liberals.

So, that bumper sticker is almost funny, but it is exactly opposite of the truth.

Bush is bin Laden's friend. Has been for decades and always will be!


The original article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reprinted here without permission and mercy is begged:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Republican lawmaker says it was inappropriate for a GOP office to display a bumper sticker declaring: "Kerry is bin Laden's Man. Bush is Mine."

Kentucky Rep. Anne Northup said she found out about the stickers over the weekend and doesn't want any more distributed. "What campaigns need to center on, debates need to center on and the party needs to focus on are ideas," she said.

Jefferson County GOP chairman Jack Richardson IV said the stickers were so popular that GOP headquarters ran out Friday. He won't distribute more, but is trying to locate their source for those who want them. "I believe in the question this bumper sticker raises," Richardson said.

Bill Garmer, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said the sticker equates a decorated Vietnam veteran with Osama bin Laden - "one of the greatest enemies of the United States."

"It goes way over the line," he said.

A spokesman for the Kerry campaign previously called on GOP lawmakers to condemn the sticker, saying it was a "hateful and mean-spirited smear campaign."

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