Friday, June 11, 2004

Joke - Tickets To Pittsburgh

A businessman enters the VIP lounge and sees some familiar faces at the bar. He joins them and notices that one has a black-eye. Since he was wearing his own fresh shiner he asked: "How'd that happen?"

"Ahhh! I was standing in line downstairs to get ticketed, and the woman behind the counter was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen: nice smile, pretty face, friendly disposition, nice rack, the works. I became fixated on her as the line inched forward. I was thrilled when I was next in line and she called me. I felt like a schoolboy again, blushing and stammering as the transaction began. She reached over and touched my hand and said 'take your time, sir.' Then I blurted out: 'I need a roundtrip picket to Titsburgh.' And she clocked me one before storming away."

The group snickered and the other businessman laughed:

"I can't believe it! Almost the exact same thing happened to me this morning. I was sitting at the table having breakfast with the missus. I meant to say, 'honey, would you please pass the sugar,' but it came out as 'I hate you! You bitch you wrecked my life!' And she decked me."

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