Thursday, April 08, 2004

Homeland Security For Pittsburgh

After the devastating events of 9/11, the current American president promised to take care of New York. Money would be made available, he said. One of the lesser scumbags, Rudolph Giuliani, was on television and radio proclaiming we would get the perpetrators, and his friends in Washington were going to take care of us.

Well, as a resident of New York I must say that the current American president has done a pitiful job getting funds to New York. The Homeland Security budget was increased $1.4 billion to fund anti-terrorism security programs in America's so-called "high-risk cities." Jack Newfield writes in this week's issue of the The Nation: " . . . fifty cities are still designated as high risk, so New York's share is only $94 million--a fraction of what is needed. On a per capita basis, New York State ranks forty-ninth among the states in antiterrorist funding, far below rural, sparsely populated Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. According to the New York Daily News, New York is also forty-ninth in per capita funding among cities: $5.87 per person. Compare that with $35.80 for Pittsburgh. But then, Tom Ridge was governor of Pennsylvania. Or look at Florida, where Jeb Bush is governor. Miami gets $52.82 per person. Orlando gets $47.14--as if Disney World is a bigger terrorist target than the New York subway system, the United Nations, the Stock Exchange, Times Square, JFK Airport, Yankee Stadium on opening day, or our reservoirs and water system. What's the biggest recipient of any US city, at $77.92 per person? New Haven, Connecticut."

FORTY-NINTH! That's second from the bottom! The city that lost the most during the events that precipitated creation of the office of homeland security gets the least amount of funding to enhance security!

Pittsburgh requires more money per capita than New York City for anti-terrorism security programs?

Sadly, I think Bush knows he doesn't have to care about New York City. The people who live in the city (that is, the people most impacted by the crimes of September 11, 2001) are unlikely to vote for him anyhow! Most of the rest of the residents of the State of New York HAVE TO vote Republican because Bill Clinton got a blow job from a twenty-something college student one day, or the Democrats won't take care of Iraq, or abortion is a sin. It's absurd-sounding, I know, but when I talk to Republican New Yorkers (many of whom lie and call themselves independents), their arguments are even less sensible that THAT! The idea that abortion, oral sex, and an immiral war are the only basis for re-electing this dunder-head is frightening!

In the end, the current American president can say "screw you" to New York City, and still carry the State of New York in the next election!

Now add to this the insulting campaign ads the current American president has produced using footage from the 9/11 rescue efforts. Who is paying attention? Who is protecting New York? Where is George Pataki? Where is Rudolph Giuliani? Why aren't they screaming about this? Giuliani blathered on about how he was going to stay involved with New York's recovery from 9/11, even though he was no longer mayor. Where are you Giuliani? If the current president was a Democrat pulling this load of crap on New York, Pataki and Giuliani would be all over the media proclaiming their shock and outrage. In their silence, this formerly dynamic duo make the all Democrats seem like the greatest philanthropists and statesmen of our time.

What about it Governor? Rudi? How's your buddy in Washington doing? Has he done you any favors lately? Do you plan to speak-up about Washington screwing over the city? Why are you so silent about this?

I think I know why they are silent: they can't personally make any money from this, so why get their hands dirty. It's a lost cause, and they aren't going to get sullied by it. Typically unPatriotic! Typically unAmerican! Typically Republican!