Tuesday, March 30, 2004

What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

The 9/11 Commission is conducting hearings in an effort to learn how the tragedy at the World Trade Center might have been avoided.

The current presidential administration, while cloaking itself in the mantle of patriotism, has insisted that an invasion of Iraq was necessary to combat the terrorism that led to the 9/11 crimes. When using the current administration's lies as the basis for analyses, we must take into account that we are discussing the deaths of over 3,000 people on our own soil and in Iraq.

All of these dead people have families, and most of them seem to want answers about why their loved ones are dead. The 9/11 Commission is hoping to find some answers for them.

Testifying in front of the 9/11 Commission is no place for a nice girl!

Enter, the National Security Advisor.

Condoleezza Rice is not a nice girl, and she's not even a tough broad. She is a scoundrel ultimately swimming in the same slime that adorns the current American president, there is clealry no place too low for her to go.

Currently, this queen of scum is embroiled in a battle where she refuses to testify before the 9/11 Commission. She gets on television saying she wants to testify, but she cannot because of executive privilege. Of course, there is no law anywhere in America that says she is protected by executive privilege; but, since this presidential administration is the biggest gang of crooks and liars since Richard Nixon, she simply states her opinion as fact and law, and the media just rolls over because they don't want to be deemed unPatriotic.

This shows Condascumbucket Rice for the slime bucket she really is; because if she had a modicum of integrity, she would tell the families of the dead what they need to hear: the truth. Since she has no integrity and wouldn't know the truth if it slid off her slimey self, she slinks around Washington, poisoning American freedom, abusing freedom of the press, and denigrating our way of life.

There is no good moral, legal, or patriotic reason for this evil woman to remain silent at this time, especially when she happily evokes the memory of 9/11 whenever it is convenient for her to do so.

Condoleeza Rice represents everything that is bad about the United States. She is a lying, profiteering, self-serving criminal cloaking herself in the American flag while the children of real patriotic Americans toil in the sun and sacrifice their lives in Iraq.

Miss Thing, you are beneath contempt!