Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Lieberman Out

From Reuters - 03 FEB 04 - Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who had counted on a win in Delaware but finished a poor second to Kerry, planned to withdraw from the race, campaign aides said.

Could there be better news? Joe Lieberman, the wolf in sheep's clothing, has announced he will drop out of the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Good riddance!

Lieberman's constant pandering to fundamentalism and conservatism has been an affront to all tax-paying democrats. I hope the people of Connecticut will now see fit to unseat him and remove him from the Senate.

Some New England states used to elect liberal Republicans, old-fashioned American Constitutionalists who believed in freedom. These Republicans were more to the left than Lieberman! I am so done with well-educated millionaires who know that fundamentalism is bad and still pander to the billionaire Southerners perpetrating some phony brand of morality.

If Connecticut wants an apologist for fundamentalism as a representative, they might as well elect an actual modern-day republican instead of an idiot like Lieberman.

Good riddance!