Thursday, February 05, 2004


I dislike hearing or reading a word I do not know. It makes me feel stupid! I had never heard the word atramental until 0650 this morning, so I looked it up. The definition at says this:

Of or pertaining to ink; inky; black, like ink; as, atramental galls; atramentous spots.

I still had no idea what it really meant! What the hell is atramental galls!?!?!?! So I followed the link that started the whole problem in the first place.

My friend Lori has launched a site that is, on the one hand, a tribute to Louise Brooks (who is one of her heroes) and, on the other hand, an online gallery of her own photography. It is called

When I looked at Lori's photos and the pix of Brooks, I understood!

I never knew Brooks was so adorable:

Photo used without permission

I know little about Louise Brooks, so I found fascinating. It is loaded with pictures and the brief bio of Brooks' is definitely worth a surf over.

Lori's photography is tres atramental!

Photo used without permission
I might have to add this one to my art collection!

Visit and tell them Dick Mac sent you! (They'll give you a good seat near the screen!)