Thursday, January 01, 2004

Resolutions 2004

I use New Year's Resolutions to pretend I will do the things tomorrow that I was supposed to do today.

Do you have a resolution for 2004? How about one of these:

  1. Exercise

  2. Eat healthy foods

  3. Drink less alcohol

  4. Speak-out against conservatism

  5. Lower my voice

  6. Read more books

  7. Take out the trash before being asked

  8. File paperwork before it piles-up

  9. Stop pretending tax cuts will help our nation

  10. Surf the web less

  11. Clean out the junk drawer

  12. Donate clothes I no longer wear

  13. Lose weight

  14. Vote Democrat

  15. Watch less television

  16. Get rid of the CDs I never listened to

  17. Write a letter and send it to someone in the mail

  18. Pray and meditate

  19. Accept that christian conservatives aren't very Christian

  20. Work harder for my employer or partners

  21. Teach someone to read

  22. Support locally-owned busniesses

  23. Speak-out against the RIAA and the MPAA

  24. Always say please and thank-you

  25. Drive less, walk more

  26. Learn to cook

  27. Accept that Reagonomics has failed my country

  28. Embrace my heritage

  29. Listen to others

  30. Tell family members how much I love them

  31. Get a passport

  32. Buy a CD from an indie label

  33. Visit a far-away land and use my passport

  34. Trust God

  35. Work against the corporate take-over of the U.S. government

  36. Become a Big Brother/Big Sister

  37. Thank a cop

  38. Give the money for my next CD to a homeless person on the street

  39. Stop buying tabloid newspapers

  40. Write an essay about America

  41. Help those in need

  42. Do my spouse's chores

  43. Write my congressional delegation and ask them to stop the war

  44. Help a blind person cross the street

  45. Lower my debt

  46. Thank my boss for my job

  47. Dream

  48. Write the president and explain that the United Nations is very important

  49. Listen to a type of music I say I hate

  50. Speak-out against coroprate subsidies, including sports facilities

  51. Admit the war in Iraq was only to get the oil

  52. Laugh

  53. Take more photographs

  54. Work to restore social services

  55. Tithe

  56. Forgive

  57. Smile

Happy New Year!