Friday, January 02, 2004

Homeland Security

I would say that America is as safe as it was on September 10, 2001. It feels just as safe as it ever did. I have never had to run out of any bombed buildings or avoid flaming jet fuels, but I still think we are safe.

I don't think this feeling of safety has anything to do with the creation or policies of the Department of Homeland Security. (Has there ever been a more ridiculous agency funded with our tax dollars?) My sense of security is rooted in knowing that the horror of September 11, 2001, was a crime committed by a small band of very wealthy criminals. It was not a national military offensive against us.

How can we take the homeland security guys seriously when they haven't even admitted that the criminal who sent all the anthrax through the mail was an American employed by a military contractor? Instead of telling us what they know about chemical terrorism in America, they test the air at the Rose Bowl; but, the real perpetrators of biological warfare within our borders are the employees of the companies contracted to provide services to this bogus new homeland security department.

The small band of criminals who perpetrated the crime at the World Trade Center are funded by money from a very wealthy Saudi family named binLaden. They have many friends in the United States, especially men like Henry Kissinger and his colleagues and partners. The profits from the binLaden families' holdings in the United States are used to finance the lives of individual binLaden family members, including Osama. If you think Osama binLaden's mother is not protecting him and sending him money, you have a rather distorted view of motherhood. Our mothers look after us, even when we are wrong and bad.

As long as wealthy and powerful Americans like Kissinger are profteering with the binLaden's, and guys like Dick Cheyney are hell-bent on acquiring control of Middle Eastern oil reserves, criminals like Osama binLaden will be funded by American avarice.

Oddly, none of the Homeland Security activities are focused on preventing the rich from using our tax dollars and profitable economy to finance the bad behavior of their children and friends. Homeland Security activities seem geared towards preventing Americans from traveling conveniently and delaying middle-class foreigners from entering the US to spend money.

The world's problems are not created by the middle-class or the working-class or the working-poor or the poor. The world's problems are created by the greed of a small percentage of very wealthy Americans and their international cohorts. The Department Of Homeland Security should be tracking the activities of the wealthy, not the middle class!

One of the offensive policies imposed by the homeland security idiots in Washington is the fingerprinting of tourists and visitors arriving at our borders. I don't know what this would prevent except tourism. Having some middle-class Brazilian families' fingerprints on file is not going to prevent the children of the world's wealthiest families from funding crimes like the World Trade Center bombings.

Henry Kissinger, who represents the binLaden family (and in the past ordered the bombing of Hanoi on Christmas Eve in violation of a treaty we had signed), does not get fingerprinted when he arrives at the border (even though he should be imprisoned), but maybe we should now fingerprint and track the activities of any businessman or lawyer who profits from work with the binLadens and the Saudi royal family.

Happily, not all our allies are laying down for the fingerprinting fiasco.

Brazil now requires that all Americans be fingerprinted at their border! No other allied citizens are required to be fingerprinted when they arrive in Brazil, just United States citizens! They started yesterday. Every American who arrives at the Brazilian border beginning January 1, 2004, is being photographed and fingerprinted, like common criminals!

Sadly, this will not force the US government to change its ridiculous and humiliating policy, it will only convince stupid Americans to avoid the rest of the world. Dullard Americans who have no world view will remain in their sterile suburban homes watching Faux News and nurturing their new-found patriotic xenophobia.

Still, it is still a brilliant move by the Brazilians!

As an American, I think it's absurd that Brazil would fingerprint me for admittance to their country; but, it is equally absurd that we would fingerprint them upon arrival in our nation.

What have we come to? How has this whacko administration gotten so out-of-control that our allies now want to treat us like common criminals? We have overthrown Afghanistan and abandoned them to an uncertain future, we are occupying Iraq with no plan for them except to control their oil, we are preventing our allies from entering our country and spending money, and to what end?

Thank you, Brazil! Keep up the good work.

See this article at Common Dreams for more info about the Brazil decision.