Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Why Vote For Clinton?

by Dick Mac

Why? Because it isn't all about me.

Because I had a mother who was an amazing woman. A woman who raised four children by herself. A woman who got herself and her kids out of the projects, kept us fed and clothed, and worked as many hours as needed in order to accomplish all that.

Because I have sisters and sisters-in-law, who work hard, are beautiful, loving considerate mothers, wives, and neighbors themselves.

Because I was taught by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who dedicated their lives to my education.

Because my first professional mentor was an eccentric, fun-loving, giving, caring, intelligent, enthusiastic teacher of those around her.

Because I have a daughter who is becoming one of the most amazing young women I have ever met in my entire life. A woman who is compassionate and caring and loving and giving. A young lady who embodies everything that I've known about the amazing qualities of women.

Because I know and love women who are doctors and bankers and business people and actors and writers and editors and waiters and teachers and housewives and nurses and firefighters and cops and singers and dancers and musicians and nuns and ministers and lawyers and judges and soldiers.

Because I know women who are pink and brown and beige and black. Who are large and small and medium-sized.

Because I know women who love men, women who love women, women who love whomever they want, women who struggle with gender identity, women who have won and women who have lost.

Because of those women, the women I know and love, and those I don't know and may not love, and all the people on this planet who deserve to have a leader of the free world who is an amazing daughter, wife, mother, neighbor, lawyer, politician, diplomat, and human being, I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

I hope you will, too.

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