Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ten Commandments of style

by Dick Mac

  1. Thou shalt remember Paris when thou wore blue and yon Nazis wore grey
  2. Thou shalt put on thy red shoes and dance the blues
  3. Thou shalt tell the world it is not thy legs, dahlink, but how thou make use of them
  4. Thou shalt swear that when it comes to fashion, comfort is no object
  5. Thou shalt choose Jungle Red, mother
  6. Thou shalt be famous for fifteen minutes
  7. Thou shalt know the technology of fashion and obey the laws therewith
  8. Thou shalt shun the logo and empty status it promises
  9. Thou shalt never be dull
  10. Thou shalt hold Chanel above all others

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