Thursday, January 17, 2013


by Dick Mac

How the hell do these things happen?

Or, in more realistic terms:  "Why me?"

I am having an encounter with noroviruses.

Sounds deadly and obscure, but noroviruses are commonly known as stomach viruses.

At the New York City Department of health website, it states:
Noroviruses are a group of viruses that cause an illness some people call the "stomach flu."  They are not related to the flu (influenza).  Another name for noroviruses is  gastroenteritis.
Gastoenteritis!?!?!  I thought that was severe or chronic heartburn?  Yes, I do have heartburn with this, but it's all the other flu-like symptoms that make it unpleasant.  Especially the nausea.  So, I have all the symptoms of the flu, but I don't have the flu.  I have a stomach virus.

It has been at least five days and I am done with it.  I felt better yesterday and ate dinner last night.  Sadly, last night's dinner was not a permanent resident of my digestive system.  I felt better when I awoke, though, and got ready for work.

Not so fast!  Showering seemed simple enough, but moving around after the shower resulted in more nausea.

Now I am back in my pajamas, whining about being sick.

I am so done with this, so very done with this.


!Wonderama! said...

I feel you Mr. Mac. I have had bronchitis for the last two weeks. Nothing but aches, pains, a cough that felt as if my eyes were going to explode, soar throat, and an overall weakness that I am uncomfortable even admitting.

2013 isn't going as planned, is it?

Let's just tell ourselves that if the year starts off this crap, certainly it can only get better.

And I hope you do, too. Not being able to eat must be horrible and not at all helpful to regaining health.

!Wonderama! said...

And I have no clue why my post is from Wonderama when I signed in as AtomicVamp. Hrm.

Anyway, Mr. Mar and I wish you get well soon.