Friday, September 07, 2012

“You don’t pay for the front of the building. You don’t pay for the street. . . . "

by Dick Mac

Since we all know that there is no racism in American law enforcement, and that all taxpayers are treated equally, I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that anyone could take seriously Lindsey Riddick's story of police harassment.

The 36-year-old man who is training to become a substance-abuse counselor keeps getting in trouble. It's not society's fault, or the government's fault he can't stay out of trouble.

He lives in Flatbush with his girlfriend and their two children. His apartment is across the street from the house in which he was raised.

He has been given summons six times over the year for his crimes, ranging from trespassing to disorderly conduct to loitering. He is not known as a trouble-maker, per se, or a bad neighbor. But he must be bad, because . . . well, the police wouldn't be bothering him if he was . . .

. . . well, the police wouldn't be bothering him if he wasn't . . .

Well . . .

what does one have to do to get a summons for loitering and disorderly conduct?

Riddick's most recent egregious behavior is so reprehensible that I almost fear typing it, lest it offend you.

 He was sitting on the stoop in front of his house!

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine?

What does he think? He owns the streets?

He doesn't pay rent to sit on the steps or walk around on the sidewalk. He has no right to disrupt society by being on the stoop or in the sidewalk.

So a cop took action! As well he should.

Riddick was required to show identification. The ID confirmed that he lived in the building. But, that doesn't mean anything! The cop, in his selfless efforts to protect society, insisted that Riddick show him the keys to his building, then escorted him to his apartment for proof that his family lived there.

Riddick, as all his type do, got all angry and aggressive. He questioned authority!

I mean . . . can you imagine? That poor cop! He must have been in fear for his life, in that hallway surrounded by a dad, a mom and two little kids. He could have been killed! And imagine if the cop's poor little old grandma was in this situation? It would have been hell.

The cop did what we expect cops to do: he issued two summonses. One for loitering, because Riddick was sitting on his stoop, and one for disorderly conduct, because he had the audacity to question the policeman's tactics.

Society has had enough of this crap. So have the courts. The money we are wasting to keep society safe from the likes of Riddick is ridiculous.

One judge has finally had enough and he's going to put a stop to the expense of processing all these summonses issued to criminals like Riddick. He's going to make sure the streets of Flatbush are safe.

Judge Noach Dear has taken action. His research shows that more than 1,000 disorderly conduct summonses were issued in Riddick's community last year. Flatbush is a horrible place! It's filled with disorderly people.  Just ask the cops, they'll tell you.

Nearby Park Slope is a much nicer place and police have only issued 16 summonses in the same period.

So, this liberal, activist judge claims that the police are unfairly targeting people in Flatbush.

Well, if they weren't . . .

. . . well, you know . . .

. . . black, the police wouldn't have to be so heavy-handed.

If they were white, the police could just leave them alone! But, they're black, so the police have to protect society!

Thank God the police are keeping dangerous men like Riddick down. We can't have uppity people like Riddick building a career and improving his family's lot in life. They're . . .

you know . . .

. . . black!

I am sick and tired of hearing that the police unfairly target black people for summonses and arrest!

It's a disgrace that people go on and on and on about it.

That's why I hope the plaintiffs win the the case of Stinson v. New York City.


Because if the plaintiffs prevail, then the NYPD might consider changing their policy of issuing summonses in some neighborhoods and not others; and then we wouldn't have to hear about crap like this, because the police might stop harassing taxpayers sitting on their stoops.

The NYPD's improbable cause

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