Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Re-Think Pink

by Dick Mac

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity is attempting to polish its image.

Komen pulled its financial support for mammograms at Planned Parenthood, because of Planned Parenthood's unrelated abortion services. So, women who could not otherwise afford a mammogram, who relied on Planned Parenthood for that free service, were no longer going to get a mammogram, if Komen had any say about it.

This did not sit well with many of their supporters and donations are down by at least 30%. Since that number comes from Komen, it is likely much higher.

October is breast-cancer awareness month, and this is the time when the charity rakes in most of its money. Americans across the country don pink clothing, line-up sponsors, and march through the streets of every major city to raise funds and awareness.

Komen is hoping that a new nationwide ad campaign, in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, will restore its image, increase donations, decrease the ill-will, and get back some of the corporate support they lost in their politicalization of women's health.

TV and internet ads will begin in September, and their magazine campaign in October. Komen is banking on the fact that you will forget they are a front for right-wing politics, and you'll write a little $20 check again this year, just like you've written every year.

I hope that is not true. I hope you withhold charitable donations from Komen forever.

Sadly, we Americans are easily duped by advertising, so we will likely follow the capaign with the most glitz: the pro-Komen campaign.

Please do not give Komen any money. They are bad for America and they are bad for you.


De-fund the Komen Foundation, at Facebook

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