Thursday, July 19, 2012

God's Plan

by Dick Mac

In the 1972 film "The Concert For Bangladesh," Billy Preston offers his notions of God's plan for us, in this wonderful performance of "That's The Way God Planned It."

I was a big Billy Preston fan and saw a remarkable performance by him at Boston Garden, in 1974.  He was one of the two opening acts for the George Harrison tour.

Preston absolutely stole the show, and Harrison's set was best when Preston joined him on stage.  (The rest of Harrison's set was actually quite a yawner, I'm sorry to say).

Most people don't know, or don't remember, or don't realize that Billy Preston is the only musician to be a member of both The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The line-up for his album "That's The Way God Planned It" looks like this:

Billy Preston – vocals, piano, organ
George Harrison – guitars, Moog, sitar
Eric Clapton – guitar
Keith Richards – bass
Ginger Baker – drums

An impressive line-up

I'll bet you knew this wasn't going to be an article only about Billy Preston! It's also about God. Eric Clapton is God. Billy Preston is God. You are God. I am God. You see, that's the way God planned it should be!

I have always been amused by the penchant of the right-wing (so-called "conservatives") to blame everybody else for everything that happens around them, in their lives, and to them.

American right-wingers are unable to have the courage of their convictions because they assume no responsibility for anything. They are just victims of the elitist homosexual socialist intellectuals who are trying to cram something or another down their throats.

(As an aside, I am always amused when right-wingers refer to gay rights as having homosexuality crammed down their throats! They say it all the time! Do they fail to see the irony in referring to homosexuality as something being crammed down one's throat? Tee-hee!)

Back to the blame game (as they like to all it):

On the one hand, America is a mess because the government is bad and is doing bad things with the bad taxes being collected from the poor, long-suffering conservatives. You see, it's not their fault, it's your fault.

On the other hand, everything is just as God planned it and this is why homosexuals got AIDS, and black people were slaves, and women menstruate. You see, homophobia, racism, and misogyny are supposed to exist. That's the way God planned it! It's not their fault, It's God's fault.

The latest in the God-excuse arena is a murderer who is sorry. It was God's plan that he would kill his victim so that he could have the spiritual awakening that explains-away his crime and allows him to live free from sin, fear, and retribution. He did nothing wrong. He only carried-out the will of God.

The truth is, of course, that this ass is totally OK with his actions because he's an idiot, racist fuck with "conservative" beliefs and too many guns at his disposal; not because it was just the way God planned - just the way God wants it to be.

George Zimmerman is a murderer who killed a 17-year-old boy.

As my friend Brian remarked: "Hopefully it's also in God's plan for him to spend a big chunk of his life behind bars."


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