Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fox Promotes AND Disparages The Arizona Immigration Laws

by Dick Mac

News Corporation owns a number of broadcast outlets in the United States.  They might be the biggest beneficiaries of the disaster of media deregulation.

During the "Fox Nation" program, a discussion of the Supreme Court's decision on the Arizona immigration law (a law that targets Latinos more than any other group) concluded that the United States Supreme Court upheld part of the Arizona's tough anti-immigration laws, in a defeat for Obama.  A glorious day for America.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to push a right-wing agenda, even if it means contradicting itself, Fox News Latino broadcast the same story and concluded, for its Spanish-speaking watchers, that the Supreme Court struck down three of 4 provisions of the Arizona Immigration Law.  A glorious day for America.

I love how the right-wing gets to have it both ways:  "yay, we defeated Obama by affirming some provisions of the wonderful Arizona immigration laws," and "yay, the Supreme Court defeated the evil-doers by striking down huge sections of Arizona's horrible immigration laws."

From the Teabonics Facebook page

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