Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Getting Away With It

The Kenosha (WI) News reports that an employee of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Phil Dziki, allegedly threatened a Wisconsin citizen who was gathering signatures during a political campaign.

Then, when the signature drive was over, the same federal employee is alleged to have called the citizen's home, threatened him, and announced he knew where the person worked.

While investigating the alleged threats, police learned that the car Dziki was driving was illegally registered to "Elmer D. Fedd, 123 Rabbit Hole Drive, Coon Valley."

As I read the story, I have no reason to question the accusations.  The justice system will take care of that one way or another.

Action against Dziki has been nominal.  Law enforcement officials have taken the minimum action they must take against him, and he can get away with all this by paying a fine and never even appearing in court to face any criminal charges.


A guy threatens citizens participating in civic duty, drives around in a car he's registered to Elmer Fudd, then calls the home of a citizen and threatens him with the announcement that he knows where the guy works, and he gets away with it.

Dziki is a 60-year-old white conservative guy employed as a law enforcement investigator.  This means that law enforcement agencies will apply the law to him much more leniently than if he was, say . . . , a left-leaning single-mother of color.

I am pretty confident that any person of color who threatened a white person from an illegally registered car during a political campaign would be under arrest, probably held without bail, and charged with crimes at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Is Mr. Dziki allowed to get away with this criminal behavior because he is an investigator for the ATF?

Do Dziki and the local police get to laugh-off the whole incident as if nothing of substance has happened?

I'm certain this will all go away and Mr. Dziki will go back to rubbing his guns and fondling his bullets and planning to take further witty action against people he doesn't like.  One of these days, though, Dziki might go all Zimmerman on someone.  That day, will he be allowed to get away with murder?

Dziki's Facebook page is open to the public - you can see how bright and witty he is by having a look.

Here is the original article:  Former elected official cited for harassing petition gatherer

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