Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does This Tutu Make My Ass Look Fat?

by Dick Mac

Before he moved to New York City, photographer Bob Carey donated one of his pictures to a fund raiser to support the battle against breast cancer. The photograph was very funny: it was a self-portrait of him dressed in a pink tutu; and the Tutu Project was born.

Six months after his arrival on the East Coast, his wife, Linda, was herself diagnosed with breast cancer. Along the road of their life with cancer, the Tutu Project has brought them laughter, a medicine I hear is very helpful for cancer patients and survivors.

The tutu project became such an integral part of Carey's career that a book is being published this Autumn, with all the proceeds going to Cancercare.org and the wonderful Beth Israel Department of Integrative Medicine.

In conjunction with publication of the book, ten prints each of 24 different photographs are being sold. Purchase of one print also gets you a copy of the book.

Today, the picture I've used in this article is my favorite.

You can see all 24 images, and participate in the fund raiser by buying a print, a t-shirt, or a copy of the book, by visiting The Tutu Project.

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