Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blogger Michelle Malkin

by Dick Mac

Michelle Malkin is a blogger.

Michelle is a woman's name.


Many names seem to be used by both sexes.

I know that Michel Foucault was a man and George Eliot was a woman.

Perhaps Michelle Malkin is a man.

Malkin has taken a position on the Trayvon Martin atrocity. That position is that "activists" in the "lib media" (which doesn't exist) have exaggerated the situation and are victimizing the shooter.

Malkin published a picture of Trayvoon Martin in saggy trousers and flipping the bird as proof that he was a thug and, presumably, deserved to die. Using Michelle's logic, the "fucking coon" that was killed deserved to be killed because he dressed like a "thug."

Which, I guess, means that Justin Bieber and Eminem should be killed for glorification of that culture, those clothes and the profiteering related to it.

As far as I know, she has not yet stated emphatically that those two men deserve to be shot. I cannot say with confidence that she does not believe that Justin Bieber should not be shot. Well, I guess we can conclude that Michelle Malkin wants to see Justin Bieber shot. Dead. Because, well, you know . . . he glorifies hip-hop ("thug") culture.

Eventually, Malkin quietly noted later that the picture she posted wasn't really a picture of Trayvon Martin. It was just a picture used to smear the dead boy's reputation.

I was shocked to realize I didn't know Michelle Malkin, or what sex it might be. (I actually have never heard of Michelle Malkin until this week).

So I had to seek out a picture.

It seems Malkin is a woman. She is of Asian descent.

This picture shows a Happy Michelle Maklin right after she has smeared the reputation of a dead child.

That's not really Michelle Malkin. It is an American flag.

But, people who visited my blog earlier saw a picture of Malkin as a nude pre-operative transgender person.

If you saw the earlier picture, you think she looks like that.

She doesn't.

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