Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's a million bucks?

by Dick Mac

Say what you will about Bill Maher: he has the courage of his convictions.

When it comes to the real issues facing the world, most of us are just blow-hards with lots of opinions and very little intention of doing anything. Even when we intend to do something, we usually can't be bothered when it's time to take action.

Maher has never been afraid to express his opinion, and he has lost jobs because of it. I haven't seem him do much about things, though. I don't recall if he participated in the Occupy events, I know he has said he has given money to causes and candidates. I've always believed he is sincere, there is no point lying about that stuff.

Recently, though, he did something that blew my mind: at the end of an appearance, he announced to the audience that he is donating one million dollars to a PAC that supports President Obama.

A million dollars is a lot of money, and he has subsequently said that relative to his wealth, it's a whole lot of money.

Comedian Bill Maher donates $1 million to Obama super PAC

He also pointed out recently that people on the "left" with a lot more money than him have done nothing.

Have you spent any of your money helping a candidate get elected?

Have you volunteered your time?

Are you engaged in the political process?

Are you a participant in society?

Bill Maher's donation shines a light on the rest of us.

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