Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

by Dick Mac

In 2004, I was surprised to see that the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was hosting a party for "conservatives" at Bergdorf Goodman during the GOP Convention in New York City. I published the list of myriad parties the right-wing was attending that week.

I had not thought of that Foundation as being partisan and never really talked about it at that time.

Then in 2009, I learned that Hadassah Lieberman (that is, Mrs. Sen. Joseph Lieberman), was the foundation's Global Ambassador. A global ambassador is somebody with a big name and lots of connections who does absolutely nothing but attend cocktail parties and often collects a huge salary.

I am no fan of the Liebermans and would never support any organization or charity with which they were affiliated. Both Liebermans are opposed to health care reform, and are a menace to working Americans (everyone I know).

Any salary paid to that foundation's global ambassador is funded, at least partially, by the money that your neighbor raised during the "Race For The Cure." Remember? You gave her $25.00, thanked her for her efforts, and applauded her participation. Maybe it was you who raced.

Well, that foundation has shown their true colors by taking a public position against Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is (and always has been) the single-most important health care organization addressing the needs of women's health. Yes, that includes reproductive counselling and abortion. They are staunch advocates of reproductive rights. Abortions are a tiny percentage of their services provided.

The right-wing has been trying to shutter Planned Parenthood for decades. This new tactic is so insidious it's brilliant.

Planned Parenthood receives funds to provide mammograms for women in need. The Komen people have decided to try and grab that funding, making a huge hole in Planned Parenthood's budget, and likely preventing women in need from getting mammograms and needed medical attention connected to that test. Without that funding, Planned Parenthood will suffer.

I stopped giving money to the Komen group back in 2009; but have never really advocated that others withhold funds.

Now, I am encouraging people to NOT race for the cure or walk for the cure, to NOT send a donation to Komen, to NOT shop pink, to NOT attend an art show for the cure. Instead, tell American Association for Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology, that you will give them no support or donations as long as they are affiliated with Komen.

Instead, send a modest (or grand) donation to Planned Parenthood, and speak-out against Komen at every chance.

Sign the online letter from Planned Parenthood to the Komen people, and spread the word that those pink people are mounting an attack on Planned Parenthood and women's health.

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