Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Canadian Halloween

by Dick Mac

Yesterday, I was searching for a picture of a Ku Klux Klansman waving an American flag. I wanted to make a point about the kind of people who wave the American flag when they are upset about something and want to make a point.

I found this picture:

For a Halloween party at a Royal Canadian Legion post a couple years ago, two members dressed in rather controversial, but award-winning costumes: One in KKK robe and hood, the other with black face and a noose around his neck.

I had to follow the link and then do a little searching to find the news article.

You know you're in for a real treat when an article includes this line:

"My dad's not racist, his best friend is black," the son said.

Campbellford Legion closes over KKK Halloween costume furor

Terry Nunn and his friend Blair Crowley won the "most original costume" prize.

Mr. Crowley thinks the incident was blown out of proportion, because it was "just a joke." The article goes on:
Mr. Crowley "randomly decided to roll up a piece of bristol board and throw on a sheet" a half-hour before the party, his son recalled.

"Maybe he should have just gone to the Legion as Raggedy Ann and Andy with my mom, like he was supposed to."

Hmmmm . . . maybe he should have.

You just can't make-up this stuff!

Thanks to Sabina Becker, at the "News of the Restless" blog for the heads-up with this article published in 2010.

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And the Google search offers more.

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