Monday, January 16, 2012


by Dick Mac

One would think that over the length and breadth of his amazing career, David Bowie would be the object of much derision, sarcastic disdain, and downright hostility. Amazingly though, this performer who dressed in girls clothes, became a publicly obvious drug addict, proclaimed his non-heterosexuality proudly, was alleged to admire Hitler and raise a Nazi salute, and has retired from rock and roll repeatedly, has remained highly-respected by those in and out of the music industry. At this point, he is entertaining his fourth generation of fans, and his absence from the public eye these last ten years has hardly weakened his reputation and image.

One of Bowie's biggest hits was "Space Oddity," a song about an astronaut becoming lost in space for eternity. It has been a popular song and has not been successfully covered by others -- it is uniquely "davidbowie"!

As a tribute to David Bowie, Jimmy Fallon created a vicious send-up of the always-troubling and never entertaining Tim Tebow, using the Space Oddity song and wonderful glam image of vintage Bowie performances.

For those who do not know about him: Tebow is a young American athlete who during his college tenure became a spokesperson and symbol for the dangerous, anti-American, self-serving, borderline insane, "conservative christian" movement.

I have written about Tebow in the past: see here.

Tebow blames Jesus Christ for everything, thereby absolving himself, as all christian extremists do, of any actual responsibility for his own behavior. "This or that happens only because Jesus wills it" or "success is only possible if Jesus pre-ordains it" and "public declarations of one's love for Jesus is the only way to successfully petition the Lord and achieve success."

I have always been offended by this brand of christian. They use their so-called faith to rationalize mistreatment of people different from them, to promote changes to civil law that isolate and harm small segments of society, and they frighten small children into a repressed lifestyle of hatred, devolution, and hypocrisy. I believe this type of "christian" is dangerous, and they make Catholics look like open-minded progressives.

After two years of having to hear Tim Tebow proclaim his love for his almighty God and savior, watch him praise the lord on television, and suffer his endorsement of homophobic and misogynistic political movements, someone has finally, FINALLY, gone public with a scathing, smart, entertaining attack on this hypocrite and his alleged relationship with Jesus Christ (his lord and savior).

Watch Jimmy Fallon use his adoration of David Bowie to highlight the silliness of a dullard like Tebow:

Here is Fallon performing Tebowie as on the always irritating Piers Morgan show.

Here is an annotated send-up of Fallon's new version of "Space Oddity":

One or more of these YouTube links may or may not continue to work:

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